If You Are Looking for Medical Billing Consultancy & Billing Services. Then, You Are at The Right Site Now!


BillingConsultancy.Com is a Team of Professional & Experienced Billing Coders To Assist Doctors


  • Practice Management

See more patients per week, and work fewer minutes daily. With an ever expanding choice of features, we will keep you efficient, profitable, and compliant.


  • Electronic Digital Health Records

Each of our centralized and user-friendly EHR can be cloud-based, so you don’t need to worry about hosts, backups, or recovery time. Enjoy patient data right when you need it and update the records in real-time.


  • Health Care Billing Services

Enhance your reimbursements with our Billing Services and Management. We’ll recoup your outstanding claims, usually in every 30 days! We handle the payer so you don’t need to worry about unpredictable collections.


Why Should You Hire Us as Your Virtual Billing 24/7 Assistant?



We offer plans for reasonable budget. We run in the cloud, saving you money. There is no need to invest in servers or other expensive hardware.



Billing Consultancy is easy to learn and easy-to-use. Its intuitive design puts patient and practice data at your fingertips.



Take control of your practice. Make patient changes in real-time. Run reports on every aspect of your finances.



Check on your practice from anywhere. Use Billing Consultancy Mobile to make changes while seeing a patient and update your records without returning to a computer.